Bonny Hills youngster Ivy Collins discusses her market stall, Ivy and Mae, which began operating in May this year

CREATIVE DESIGNS: Ivy Collins with her market stall. Photo: Melinda Collins.

CREATIVE DESIGNS: Ivy Collins with her market stall. Photo: Melinda Collins.

Bonny Hills youngster Ivy Collins might not be old enough to enter high school but she's quickly making a name for herself at markets in Port Macquarie and Laurieton.

St Agnes Primary School student has been distributing home made earrings and candles from her market stall, Ivy and Mae, since May this year.

The twelve year old has even launched social media accounts for her business and organises contact free sales through her Instagram account.

"I started making candles, key chains, earrings and gift packs in May. It's always really fun to create new shapes and it's something I really enjoy doing after school," she said.

"My theme is kind of like wood and boho (bohemian). Once I've bought all the materials, it can be tricky and time consuming to make the clay, make the shape and paint it, cook it and then resin it.

"It's a lot of little steps but I like being creative and things like the earrings can be really fun to make. When it comes to working with clay, this has really helped me learn to shape and work clay in art classes at school."

Fellow students and teachers have also bought items from the market stall, according to Miss Collins.

"When I'm at the markets and talking to customers, people ask about what you have on display and you can just tell them the truth about it. If they like it, they buy it," she said.

"Everyone says that it's really nice stuff,a few teachers and students have come to check out the stall."

Miss Collins said she would eventually like to open a boutique store with her mum in Port Macquarie.

"In the future I'd like to have a little boutique shop in Port Macquarie with my mum and hopefully it would go well," she said.

"In the meantime I'd love to go to the bigger markets such as the night markets in December. It would be fascinating to see some of my creations on display at night."