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Why community is a big part of the fitness world

Why community is a big part of the fitness world

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Humans are invariably social creatures. Though the past few years have seen people put this inclination to the test, with lockdowns forcing many of us to adapt to isolation in one way or another, our drive towards togetherness has never truly wavered.

This is doubly true for personal improvement, a field in which people not only look to others as sources of companionship but as support and inspiration too.

We create joint workout routines, we hold each other accountable, and we join group fitness training classes to help us strive forward and achieve our goals; it's a natural part of how we get things done.

Today, we're going to take a look at how community factors into fitness, and a few of the ways that you can benefit your workout routines by sharing them with others.

We're all looking for community

When we see people taking on group fitness training in Caulfield, we see people forming bonds over shared interests and needs. It's the same with people who play competitive card games or bond over a shared hobby, people are naturally inclined to find groups in which they feel they can express their passion.

For some, the community aspects are what get them into fitness in the first place, rather than the other way around. The power of community and togetherness is something that cannot be understated, and as we come back from lockdowns and start reconnecting in public spaces again, we're seeing just how many people rely on connections like this for their own wellness.

The power of accountability

The person failing to keep their personal fitness goals after making a New Year's resolution is a cliche as old as time, and it's understandable that so many people fail to keep up that initial enthusiasm, especially when left to exercise at home.

Unlike school or work, where we know our efforts are being monitored and that there will be repercussions if we fail to complete what is allocated to us, fitness is a space in which we don't have that external feedback by default. If we don't feel like exercising one day, and there's nothing to push us forward, then naturally it's easy for one missed day to become weeks, months, or even years.

By having a community behind you, you know that you are in some way accountable for the needs of someone outside yourself. You have people that are relying on you for their own motivation, and you have people you can rely on in kind.

This is one of the main ways in which community and group fitness training have become so ingrained and essential in so many people's lives. So, if you've ever tried to improve your fitness, but haven't quite been able to keep on top of your own motivation, having a community around you could be just what you need.

Working out together is just fun

Whilst this isn't going to be true for everyone, with some people preferring workouts as a solo venture, there's a lot of fun to be had in getting together for fitness purposes. Whether it's a group gym session or just a straight-up sports day working out can become a great alternative to getting together for TV watching or dinner.

A lot of the connections we make in life come from shared experiences, and the push to better ourselves while overcoming challenges is always going to be a way for us to forge and maintain bonds that can stand the test of time.

The virtues of variety

Carrying on from the previous point, there are some workouts that can really only be taken on by more than one person in a safe manner. Even weightlifters need people to spot them and keep track of their form, and if you rather less direct forms of fitness, most sports are going to require several different people to take on properly.

So, by creating or joining a community for your fitness needs, you drastically expand the number of options you have for taking care of your body. Plus, different people's backgrounds allow for different experiences and knowledge, so if you're hoping to learn better ways to take care of yourself, spending time with others will make that process way simpler and more pleasant.


Everyone has their own fitness journey, and people benefit from things differently. However, if you can find a group of people that share your drive for fitness, it won't take long for you to start seeing the benefits of that. So, get out there, and good luck finding your people.