Letters to the Editor

Thank you from Quota

On August 21, 2017 Quota International of Camden Haven Inc. will be celebrating its 30th Birthday. Over these thirty years, with the generous help from this community, we have been able to assist thousands of people, be they disadvantaged women and children, from drought ravaged farms in our west, or the hearing impaired, and many others. For this help we are very thankful. We are planning more activities over the coming year, and we look forward to your continuing help.

Last Saturday we held our Annual Fashion Parade, and we would like to express our thanks to all those who made it a successful function. To Judy and her helpers from J & A Fashions for making it possible, to Karen Pini for being an incomparable compere, and to our lovely models who displayed the beautiful Australian Made clothes to the best advantage. Thanks also to Leanne Johnson and her “Blokes Notes” for their scintillating entertainment. To the Kendall Services Club for all their assistance, and giving us the use of their auditorium for the afternoon, to Denise for flowers, and Carol for her delicious afternoon tea.  

And lastly, but not the least, thanks to all the ladies who came along to support us. To those who couldn’t make it this year you missed a great afternoon. Book early for next year!

Pat Legge

Quota International of Camden Haven Inc.

Sign of the times

As a thrice weekly walker of the North Haven break wall, it has come to my attention of the total disregard of a council (ratepayer’s) asset being ignored by the council’s maintenance crew.

About six weeks ago the large species chart at the eastern cleaning table came loose.

One of the bolts had rusted off. 

One would assume this chart and its supports would have cost several hundred dollars. A couple of weeks later I observed a council ute and two workers inspecting the damage. Today I observed the sign completely off and lying damaged on the rocks just a small vandalistic push away from being at the bottom of the Camden Haven River.

Let's go back a month or so, had those maintenance men gone back to the depot, selected a couple of new Ramsets, returned to the site and spent an hour fixing the problem, we the ratepayers would not have the cost of a new sign etcetc to cover.

It's an old saying, but look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.

David Bignell

Bonny Hills

CAR CAPERS: Daniel and Heathers’ UK built ‘Reliant’  3 wheel  car, which carried them all around England, will be on show at Comboyne's Spring Spectacular this Sunday.

CAR CAPERS: Daniel and Heathers’ UK built ‘Reliant’ 3 wheel car, which carried them all around England, will be on show at Comboyne's Spring Spectacular this Sunday.

Increase awareness

During Dementia Awareness Month, which runs throughout September, Alzheimer’s Australia is calling for greater awareness and understanding of dementia so people living with the condition feel less isolated and alone.

There are more than 353,000 Australians with dementia and an estimated 1.2 million people involved in the care of someone with dementia. In the Port Macquarie electorate there are an estimated 1,750 people living with dementia. That figure is projected to increase to about 3,500 by 2050.

A survey just released by Alzheimer’s Australia has found that people with dementia are almost twice as likely to have high rates of loneliness, and people with dementia and carers are significantly more lonely than the general population.

Treating people with the same respect, kindness, inclusiveness and thoughtfulness you always have is what makes a difference to them.

They are still the same person they were before the diagnosis.

They just may need a little bit more time, understanding and support.

John Watkins OAM

CEO Alzheimer’s Australia

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