LETTER: Mining – be vigilant

Approximate indication of the proposed exploration area.
Approximate indication of the proposed exploration area.

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Thank you for bringing this issue to our notice.

Many of us refer to our location as “paradise”. Now we learn that this exploration/mining company from Western Australia wishes to explore the potential for mineral extraction at our back doors.

To quote The Camden Haven Courier, Cazaly Resources even have the audacity to suggest that we are “potentially amenable to open pit mining”. My dictionary defines amenable as “open and responsive to suggestion; easily persuaded or controlled”. Are we, are you?

It's also interesting to learn from The Courier that the joint managing director of Cazaly Resources, Nathan McMahon, has said “we have yet to go on the ground and we haven’t even made a site visit”. We know this is paradise and it seems to me that they couldn't give a tinker what we feel or why we've chosen to live here.

It appears that this business entity from the other side of Australia has no idea, and possibly no interest, about the beauty, natural qualities and tranquillity of our locality or the detrimental impact they will have on our communities if permitted to go ahead with their scheme. They would have no interest in the idea of exploring our area for minerals unless there is a potential pile of money at the end of it. They're in this for their own gain. Make no mistake, they do not have the interests of our communities at heart.

From my limited network of contacts and friends it is startlingly evident that the idea of potential exploration, let alone open pit mining, is causing stress and fear already. We don't need this.

It is also reported that Mr McMahon has said “We won’t go on to anybody’s ground without consulting them first. There are processes in place so that everyone is consulted. Those processes are very regulated. No-one has anything to fear”.

We don't need consultation. It's plain and simple … we do not want exploration or more mining in our locality. We don't want paradise spoiled. Nor do we want the values of our homes undermined by someone from Western Australia wishing to boost their company profits. And this will happen. Property owners can expect their assets to depreciate considerably if open cut mining is given the go ahead.

Be warned from the experience of others. Many individuals and organisations in other parts of Australia have undergone much stress and been forced to do battle with mining companies and government departments over many months and years simply to preserve and protect their environments and life styles.

Think coal seam gas mining and the amount of time and resources those communities had to invest (and still are) to fight and campaign against government departments and mining companies to save their localities from the rape and pillage of profiteering mining companies.

Take a look at this trailer of the Bentley Effect movie filmed in the Northern Rivers of NSW for an idea of the lengths we may be called to for the protection of our community ... youtube.com/watch?v=CLnRD3neUFo. Don't make the mistake of thinking our local Council or State Government will protect us, they listen to those who shout loudest and big business can make a lot of noise. 

I encourage the residents of Camden Haven and Port Macquarie, don't wait to see what eventuates. This is our community. This is our paradise. Stop their exploration. Act now. Write to Nathan McMahon to let him know that Cazaly Resources is not welcome here: Mr Nathan McMahon, Managing Director, Cazaly Resources, PO Box 396, West Perth 6872 or email to admin@cazalyresources.com.au.

Paul Nossiter

Bonny Hills


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