Proposed Kendall development

I make a comment in response to a letter which was published in the Camden Haven Courier on Wednesday, June 6 titled ‘praise for the Kendall development’.

I am probably one of the people with a garden in need of attention.I must make a note to myself to improve.

The scale and appropriateness of this proposal are what I object to. It's not ‘fear of "progress’.

We have had Poets Ridge and the Links developments with minimal problems, but the scale of this proposal would change the nature of the village to the detriment of the existing residents.

One of the problems involves the lack of planning for road access.The road from Kew is extremely narrow past the golf club. It is impossible to walk or cycle in safety to Kew.

The intersection in front of the Op Shop needs rationalisation. Once past this you can either do a rat-run via Laurel Street  or proceed through a couple of give-ways to Batar Creek Road. This road is barely adequate for the existing traffic. It has a blind corner opposite the showground entrance which is a hazard for residents on that corner.

The council will no doubt accept the money for each site but there is no guarantee that they will do anything about the access problems.They have taken three years to replace the old sleeper culvert which is the access to "Poets Ridge".

Kendall is a small dormitory village. It will never  be able to support the services mentioned.You can get fuel at Kew and there are two general stores and a major supermarket six kilometres away.

I do like as it is and that’s why I moved here. If I wanted all the services at my door I would have bought in Port or Laurieton.

As to life in the village,there is plenty if you look. Golf, bowls, the club, op-shop, garden club, mens shed, community centre or you could join Rose's choir or help Tin with the gardening.

I can't see that adding 250 or 300 manufactured dwellings would do anything for the existing residents.

John Bannerman, Kendall