Storm Davidson named as 2018 Dux at Camden Haven High School

Storm's force prevails to be named 2018 Dux

Camden Haven High School's Dux of 2018 has been labelled as a young women with incredible passion, drive and someone who was willing to help others succeed. 

Teacher and mentor of seniors students, Liz Neville said Storm Davidson is a woman of great substance.

On Tuesday, February 26 an award ceremony was one to acknowledge Storm's achievements. 

In her speech, Storm encouraged other students to believe in themselves, work hard and make future-oriented decisions. 

“What matters, and what takes you places, is simply the amount of effort that you give,” Storm said. 

“Instead of aiming to be the smartest person in the room, just try to be the sort of person who knows they gave it their all.

"Aim to graduate high schooling knowing without a doubt that you made the most of your time here and that you did everything you were capable of doing. I promise you won’t regret it.” 

Storm was honoured by Learning Edge senior program supervisor, Liz Neville, who described her as 'Storm by name and storm by nature.' 

“The same way a storm will not be deterred from its path, our Storm embraced each task with passion and determination,” said Liz. 

“Storm’s journey has certainly not been a selfish one.

"She consistently helped to calm her stressed peers, sharing resources and offering support where needed."

Storm achieved an ATAR of 95.7 and was named on the NSW Honour Roll of elite achievers for her Band 6 marks in Business Studies, Mathematics General 2, PDHPE, and Hospitality, the most out of any students at Camden Haven High School in 2018. She also attained a Band 5 in Standard English. She was ranked first in all her subjects, apart from Maths where she ranked second. 

Storm attributed her success to hard work and believing in herself, as well as the support of her teachers.  

“Without teachers as dedicated and caring as you, I wouldn’t be up here today,” Storm said. 

Storm stressed the importance of working smart, as well as working hard. She chose subjects she was interested in and was determined to succeed from the outset. 

“Storm’s results prove that hard work combined with choosing the subjects you enjoy are key to achieving success in Year 12,” said Rob Lyttle, deputy principal of senior students. 

“I would like to acknowledge the work of our teaching staff who continue to improve the learning outcomes of all senior students."

Storm was presented with an award and cheque from Tony Maher of Higgins & Dix Lawyers. 

 “The reason I’m here is because I chose to work hard, and I chose to believe in myself,” she said. 

In her speech, Storm inspired students to look beyond the traditional path of university to prosper. 

“Successful people are not always gifted, they just work hard and succeed on purpose,” Storm said when presenting her speech.

 “In a few years’ time you’ll see me as a growing small business owner, reminding you that they key to success is nothing other than hard work."

Liz said Storm was like lightning and 'blasted assumptions apart'.

"She knew where she was headed and would not be deterred," she said. 

Storm encouraged future Year 12 students to 'do what’s right for you'. 

“I’m sticking with what I know is right and doing it my way,” said Storm.

“Just try and stop me.” 

The graduate said she enjoyed learning the skills to make her future successful, including time management, discipline and work-life balance. 

“By the end I loved all my subjects and all my teachers, so I enjoyed going to class,” Storm said. 

Storm is one of five students who achieved an ATAR over 90, with three coming close over 89. There were 11 face-to-face students on the Honour Roll from the school, making it the highest ranked public school on the Mid North Coast. 

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