Uta Weidemeier hosts Topical Talk at Port Macquarie Library

Uta Weidemeier is a health professional and myo-therapist

Uta Weidemeier is a health professional and myo-therapist

Community members were given the opportunity to learn relaxation techniques from an expert during a Topical Talk event at Port Macquarie Library on Saturday, June 8.

Uta Weidemeier is a health professional and myo-therapist and said unfortunately prolonged stress can impact the body in many negative ways.

Due to busy lives a lot of people have ongoing stress which can lead to serious physical and mental problems.

Uta said negative effects of stress can lead to mental and physical fatigue, depression, an irregular heartbeat, restless sleep and cardiovascular disease.

At the talk on Saturday June, 8 Uta asked attendees what methods they take on to deal with stress.

Strategies included doing exercise, maintaining adequate sleep, yoga, meditation, listening to music and deep breathing.

Uta also shared some of her own insights into how to reach a relaxed state of mind quickly and effectively.

At the talk, Uta put on relaxing music to allow an increased focus on breathing only, by externalising the senses for one minute.

Attendees also incorporated movement with breathing techniques to stimulate blood flow through their bodies.

Uta said taking shoes off and connecting with the sand at the beach can provide an individual with instant relaxation, through connecting with the Earth.

For more information or for tips, people can email Uta@thisisgoodforus.com

The library hosts monthly talks and other free events. For more information visit the website http://mnclibrary.org.au

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